Thursday, June 18, 2009

Using EXT JS

In recent time Client Side scripting has become very popular. Particularly if you observe or gmail, etc... every website/application is using client side scripting extensively. So did i encountered in my recent project. Before this project i have used core javascript , classes, objects, JSON, etc. This project required those aspects as basics, and a rich client side UI framework. We discovered ExtJs serving the purpose providing a stable, scalable,extendible framework with numerous widgets as the building controls.

One of the control is Window. How does it sound to simulate a window inside you webpage. To me it was something WOW!!! The following is the example for the same.

Chapter 01
A simple window with predefined text

Code Sample:

var initializeFn = function(){
var windowObj = new Ext.Window({title:'First ExtJs Window',html:'Sample predefined text',height:300,width:400});;

Ext.onReady ( initializeFn );

This code uses ExtJs Base framework (
You can refer the
examples at

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