Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Double Trouble with Keyless Entry for car

Morning was as usual good when I woke up.
Today was the first business day of the week since yesterday was holiday declared for muhharam. So you can make out that its an important day at office and that too after a 4 day long holidays.

I pressed the remote of my car. "No sound" !!
Again I pressed the unlock button. It didn't worked!!!
I tried again couple of times. All effort gone to waste.

I asked mom to get me the 2nd set of remote keys.
Tried with the 2nd set as well. But alas there was no response.

The wrist watch was pointing it to 8:46am. I was getting late.
So thought to get a forced entry by using the metal key.

Opened the lock and door.
I realized what mistake I did. It started to beep like anything. It was all chaotic. Entire neighborhood turned to check out what happened.

Holy Christ!!!
The embarrassing moments. The sound was just not stoppable. It paused for 2 seconds started again. I guess it continued for 5 mins and then stopped.

The embarrassing troubled moment was over I thought. I was terribly mistaken which in a short while i came to know.

I used the key for ignition. No response!!!!!
Again i tried. No response!!!!!
Repeated couple of times again before I realized that the keyless entry mechanism had disconnected the ignition channel.

And with every ignition try the vehicle started making beeping sound like madness.

I realized the vehicle cannot be started without third party/service engineer's help.

I kept the car in garage and closed everything. Without delay headed with laptop, office document/papers and lunch box towards nearest taxi stand(cab terminal). It was already 9:10am by that time.

Thats the beginning of the day. lets see whats there kept more during the day.

Called up Maruti and the provider of the keyless entry system.
The service engineer came around 11:30 am.Thanks to Dad who was there at home to guide the service engineer.

Seems, he has replaced the main keyless entry machine.

After reaching home I'll come to know whats the status.

Advice for all:
If you car buzzer begins to beep without any notice or/and creates issues with the keyless remote, immediately take the matter to the provider.

The mentioned were the symptoms for keyless entry machine problems.

Luckily i was not out for a long drive during that period. Else god knows what more problem would have been there.

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